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Buy Now On Sale At Florida Herb House And Spice Shop!!Ginger is a perennial plant that grows in India, China, Mexico, and several other countries. The rhizome (underground stem) is used as both a spice and in herbal medicine.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is an herb that is native to southeast Asia and has been used as a food additive for more than 4,000 years, and for medicinal purposes for more than 2,500 years. It is the "root" of the ginger plant (which is actually not a root, but a rhizome) that is most useful for medicine and for flavoring food. Compounds in the ginger rhizome, called oleoresins, have anti-inflammatory properties and are also known to have a positive effect on the muscles in the digestive tract.

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For motion sickness, 500 mg of dried ginger powder can be taken one-half to one hour before travel, and then 500 mg every two to four hours as necessary. Children below the age of six should use one-half the adult amount. For the treatment of nausea associated with pregnancy, women can take up to 1 gram daily, but should only use ginger for symptomatic relief of nausea and not on an ongoing basis. Ginger may potentially be used for nausea associated with anesthesia or chemotherapy, but only under the supervision of a physician.

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