Anti Aging

Herbs are plants with wide variety of nutrients in them effectively used for ages. The healing properties present in plants have acted as an active source for good health.

Constant research on herbs has revealed that they have active property in them, which acts as an anti aging agent. Different herbs have different anti aging property in them. Herbs are considered natural and non-toxic in nature. People opt for herbal remedy because they do not have permanent side effects.

Today, herbs with anti aging properties are used in different forms like medicine, oil, soap bars, ointments, cream and gel. Various cosmetic companies, health spas and beauty therapist use herbs as an active anti aging ingredient in their product. There are many herbs, which are used in anti aging treatments. The most commonly used herbs are Ginseng, Ashwagandha, MACA, and Reishi Mushroom.

Suggested Herbs:

Acai Green Tea Drink

Amla Gooseberries

Barley Grass

Chaga Mushrooms

ChiaX Flax Seed Jubilee

Chlorella Powder

Cordyceps Mushroom Powder

Fennel Seeds / Spice Jar

Ginseng Red Korean Sliced Root / Powder

Reishi Mushrooms, Whole / Powder