Brain Support

Did you know we have an inside scoop on the latest herbal news for proven methods of naturally preserving and improving memory and focus, as well as naturally enhancing mind function? See our best selling brain supporting herbs and supplements below.

1) Your brain itself feels no pain because there are no nerves in your brain that can register pain.
2) Your brain weighs around 3 pounds, or approximately 1.4 kg
3) Every time you learn something new, your brain makes new connections.
4) When you are stressed, angry or feeling hostile, your brain releases a chemical known as Cortisol which inhibits learning, so, to learn effectively, you need a stress free environment.
5) Music can synchronise your brain waves, improve your mood and help you to learn more efficiently.

Suggested Herbs:

Acai Green Tea Drink

Chia Seeds

ChiaX Flax Seed Jubilee

Cinnamon, CinnamonChips / Powder / Sticks 1"3"6"10" / 8 oz.

Cinnamon, Zeylanicum / Sticks

Ginkgo Leaf

Ginseng Red Korean Sliced Root / Powder