Colon Support

Keep your colon healthy with help from some of our wonderful organic and wild harvested herbs. The colon consists of the portion of the large intestine that runs from the
cecum down to our rectum. The large intestine's purpose is to store waste, reabsorb water, and help maintain electrolyte and water balance.

Most Americans consume too much protein. Protein is necessary, and completely healthy, but too much can lead to over-acidity, which is not good. An overabundance of acid in the body can take a toll on the colon, as it depletes necessary minerals and electrolytes from our body. This then leads to the inability of the colon to tackle harmful bacteria, and toxins.

Suggested Herbs:

Acacia Powder

Cayenne Powder

Cinnamon, Cassia / Chips / Powder / Sticks 1"3"6"10" / 8 oz.

Cinnamon, Zeylanicum / Sticks

Damiana Leaf Powder

Flax Seed Brown

Green Superfood Fusion 14

Green Superfood Fusion 20

Habanero Powder

Kale Juice Powder

Psyllium Husk / Powder