Detox And Cleansing

Clearing accumulated toxins is believed to free the body from undue burden so that it is able to function better and regain the energy necessary to heal itself. Though fasting and cleansing may be one step, detoxification is not a single event, but an ongoing process that supports the body’s natural ability to effectively dispel toxins on a daily basis.

Suggested Herbs:

Acacia Powder

Birch BarkLeaf  / Tea / Powder

Dandelion Leaf / Tea / Root 

Fo-ti Root / Powder

Ginseng Red Korean Sliced Root / Powder

Goldenseal Leaf Powder

Goldenseal Root Powder

Green Superfood Fusion 14

Green Superfood Fusion 20

Green Tea Sencha

Horsetail, BulkTea / Powder