Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt Fine


Alaea is the traditional Hawaiian sea salt used to season and preserve. Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt is non-processed and rich in trace minerals, all of which are found in sea water. A small amount of harvested reddish Hawaiian clay enriches the salt with Iron-Oxide.

Traditionally Hawaiians use Alaea salt in ceremonies to cleanse, purify and bless tools and canoes, as well, in healing rituals for medicinal purposes.

Savor a unique and pleasant flavor while roasting or grilling meats. It is the traditional and authentic seasoning for native Hawaiian dishes such as Kalua Pig, Hawaiian Jerky and Poke. This salt is truly amazing with Prime Rib and Pork Loin dishes also.

Alaea takes its name from the area?s red volcanic clay which give it a beautiful terra cotta color. On the island of what is now Kauai, the sediment of iron oxide-rich red volcanic clay, called alaea, seeped into the ocean from Kauai?s rivers. When this red ocean water became trapped in tidal pools, evaporation created alaea sea salt. The clay imparts a delicate, earthy, mineral flavor that is more mellow than regular salt. It can be saltier, too. Alaea adds a subtle crunch to dishes and can be purchased mixed with herbs for use on fish. Alaea, kala namak (Indian black salt) and sel gris are considered to be the most mineral-rich salts. A traditional seasoning in many Hawaiian dishes!

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