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The Ginkgo leaf is fan-shaped and often compared to a "duck foot". It is about 3 inches across with a notch dividing into 2 lobes (thus biloba). Numerous veins radiate out of the base with no midrib. The leaf has a beautiful fall yellow color. Ginkgo may grow extremely slow for several years after planting, but will then pick up and grow at a moderate rate, particularly if it receives an adequate supply of water and some fertilizer. But do not over water or plant in a poorly-drained area.

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Also known as- Ginkgo biloba, and Maidenhair Tree. Ginkgo Leaf comes from an Asian tree that has no contemporary relatives. As such and because ginkgo-like plants are well-represented in the fossil record, it is often referred to as a living fossil. Also called the Maidenhair Tree for its leaves' resemblance to maidenhair fern, it has been under cultivation throughout human history.

The ginkgo leaf is used to make herbal teas and extracts, which have been shown to have a remarkably wide range of positive health effects. It has been a staple of Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.

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Ginkgo has been shown in numerous studies to support healthy blood flow to the brain, and it is therefore thought to support healthy concentration and memory function. Many students swear by its effects when studying for exams. Ginkgo has long been thought to help male impotence, and is a standard herbal remedy for male sexual dysfunction.

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