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What Is Nettle Root?

- The common nettle comes by its other name, stinging nettle, honestly. The innocuous plant, a perennial that grows in many parts of the world and that has been naturalized to Brazil, delivers a stinging burn when the hairs on the leaves and stems are touched. Its healing properties are as well known among various cultures and are part of folklore and tradition.

Stinging nettle is a herb plant native to Europe and Europe is still its main stronghold, but today it can be found over most of the globe. It is particularly established over much of Asia, northern Africa and North America, but has also spread to other areas. It has reached as far east as Japan and as far south as New Zealand and has recently been introduced to parts of Latin America.

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Nettle Root Dosage

- For pure unrefined nettle root powder, such as the herb shown here (NOT Nettle Root Extract!) the general dosage is about 5 grams (Approx. 1 teaspoon) mixed with a health drink, smoothie, poured over yogurt or mixed with food/drink.

Nettle Root Benefits

- Nettle root has showed a great deal of promise for support of benign prostatic hyperplasia, a condition affecting a large proportion of men over the age of 40 that is often a precursor to prostate ailments. Because of its diuretic and hypotensive actions, nettle leaf may lower blood pressure. If you are taking diuretics or other drugs meant to lower blood pressure, consult your doctor before using nettle root. Its long term use is not recommended.

For some purposes the leaf of the nettle was recommended, for some purposes the stem, for some purposes the seed, and for others the root, and accordingly the whole of the plant was utilised in traditional medicine and revered for its healing properties. It was also popular as a food in many countries and we know today that nettle is highly nutritive, being rich in chlorophyll, beta carotene, vitamins A, C, E and K, several of the B vitamins, tannins, volatile oils, flavonoids, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphates, and various other minerals, especially silica. The stinging nettle is a remarkable nutritional treasure and has often been compared very favourably to spinach.

Nettle Root For Hair Loss

- Some have claimed that nettle root extract may stop hair loss and maybe even aid hair regrowth. Because Propecia (finasteride) works to stop the progression of male pattern baldness by inhibiting the production of DHT, it is conjectured that nettle root extract may be of similar benefit.

Nettle Root Side Effects

- Despite claims made that all natural herbal supplements are free from side effects, nettle root has its share of warnings. When topically applied, irritation of the scalp or an allergic reaction can occur. When taken orally, it can cause upset stomach, burning, difficulty with urination, bloating and edema. Nettle root extract should not be used in patients with heart or kidney problems, due to fluid retention properties. Those who want to try nettle root extract as a hair loss treatment should proceed with caution and consult their doctor before using it.

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