Red Root Powder - Wildharvested


Just 1-2 teaspoons per day ground up in a health drink is all that is needed for amazing health support. Our all natural wildharvested red root (Ceanothus americanus) is grown in the USA and is ready for your medicinal needs. Pure and powerful is what this red root is!

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The red roots come from a half-hardy shrub growing to 4 or 5 feet high. It has downy leaves and stems and small ornamental white flowers in great numbers, coming into bloom June or July, followed by bluntly triangular seed vessels. It is usually called 'New Jersey Tea' in America because its leaves were used as a substitute for tea during the War of Independence. In Canada it is used to dye wool a cinnamon color. It takes its name from its large red roots. Its wood is tough, pale brown red, with fine rays - taste bitter and astringent with no odor. Fracture hard, tough, splintering. Its bark is brittle, dark-colored and thin.

Herbalists recommend that red root be taken internally as a coagulant, antispasmodic, sedative, or expectorant. It is believed that the extracts from this plant can be used to effectively reduce fever, relieve headaches, control coughs, and kill viruses. It has also been credited with hemorrhoids benefits, stopping nosebleeds, and reducing the size of breast and ovarian cysts. Red root is also believed to be a natural remedy for sinus congestion, diarrhea, and fatigue. The medicinal extracts from this plant can also be used for topical applications. Tinctures made from red root are often used as an astringent to control acne and aid in the healing of skin lesions.

All herbs are free from irradiation and ozone treatment, sulfur, gasses and other sanitary chemicals! Unsurpassable in color, depth, taste and aroma! Florida Herb House guarantees the highest quality herbs and spices always or your money back!! - Analyzed for quality, safety and true botanical identity by the best in quality control!

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