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The chemical composition of Aloe vera and Aloe ferox are similar in nature, but scientific tests performed at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa (January 1987) concluded that the amino acid content of Aloe ferox is almost double that of Aloe vera. Aloe ferox also contains a larger percentage of monosaccharide components in the aloe gel, higher concentrations of minerals, and approximately 20 times more aloe bitters (detoxifying and antibiotic qualities). Aloe ferox is clearly the super aloe of all plant species! For a truly powerful health drink that supports bowel and immune function try 1-2 teaspoons of aloe ferox with some frozen berries in six ounces of aloe juice!

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Aloe Ferox Powder

Derivation of Name:

Aloe - derived from the Greek word for the dried juice of aloe leaves. Ferox - 'fierce' or 'war-like' referring to the spiny edged leaves.

The Aloe Ferox grows in only one stretch of land in South Africa, this is the only place in the world that the Aloe Ferox plant will grow (due to barometric sensitivity). The Aloe Ferox is grown naturally, harvesters use age old methods to collect the sap from the Aloe Ferox. The Aloe Ferox has been harvested in South Africa for centuries, the ancient Chinese, Indians, and Egyptians have all used the Aloe Ferox for its healing properties.

Mahatma Ghandi also used the Aloe Ferox while living in South Africa, knowing the power of the Aloe Ferox, Ghandi would ingest the Aloe Ferox gel on a regular basis.

Why Should I buy Aloe ferox?


Aloe ferox - is a pure and natural healer!


Aloe ferox - is herbal!


Aloe ferox - is non-toxic and has no undesirable side effects!


Aloe ferox - is renown for it's cleansing properties!


Aloe ferox - is a natural detoxing agent!

Aloe ferox - has more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polysaccharides than aloe vera!


Aloe ferox- is traditionally use to stimulate cell renewal!


Aloe ferox - is better naturally!

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