Aloe Vera Powder - Bulk Organic


Get Your Hands On This ORGANIC CERTIFIED WHOLE LEAF ALOE that was created using the Outer Leaf and Inner Leaf!

Please note colors and textures may vary depending on the time of year and processing.

The aloe vera powder at Florida Herb House consists of fully matured aloe vera leaves first harvested by hand and then carefully opened up for the inner gel in the leaf. The aloe vera gel is then gently air dehydrated under controlled conditions. The dehydrated aloe is then ground into a fine powder.

Aloe vera is the herb typically found in home herb gardens and Aloe barbadensis (Curacao aloe) the species in the herb trade in the United States. Alexander the Great is said to have sent his army from Greece to an island off the coast of Somalia just to obtain its crop of aloe.

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Aloe Vera Powder


Aloe-emodin, arginine, magnesium, salicylates, serine, vitamin C, and complex polysaccharides including acemannan.

Parts Used

Gel ('juice') extracted from the leaf (drunk or applied to the skin), or an dried and powdered latex extracted from the 'peel' of the leaf.

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