Cleavers Tea Leaf - Bulk Organic - 4 oz


To brew a cup of cleavers herb tea, steep one cup of boiling water with two teaspoons of the dried herb. Allow to infuse for ten minutes. Cleavers herb tea can be drunk up to three times a day during healing. It blends well with poke root, echinacea, and marigold to tone the lymphatic system; with yellow dock and burdock for skin problems.

The primary benefits of cleavers revolve around this herb's ability to tone the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for the drainage and cleansing of fluid from cells, tissue, and organs, as well as for part of the body's natural anti-microbial activity, which occurs in the lymphatic glands. Therefore, lymphatic well-being is a foundation for overall well-being.

Cleavers is an unobtrusive herb, often found in woody, moist areas. It is often overlooked, due to its tiny flower and matted growing habit. Cleavers is a useful medicinal herb.

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Cleavers is used both internally and externally. Internally, it is useful for urinary tract issues. Its diuretic and anti inflammatory properties are useful for bladder infections and painful urination, kidney stones and problems of the lymphatic system. Used externally, cleavers is used for skin issues when made into a wash or skin salve.

Organic Cleavers

Claims regarding the health benefits of various medicinal herbs have not been scientifically proven in many cases; however, it is true that cleavers herb is one of the herbs and spices in bulk that contains high levels of Vitamin C. Dried organic cleaver's herb can be brewed up in a tea that may help in regulating blood pressure. Keep in mind that even organic herbs and natural herbs contain active ingredients that may cause interactions and may not be appropriate for everyone; therefore, cleaver's herb should be used under the guidance of a licensed herbalist.

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