Amyris Essential Oil - Pure Undiluted! - 2 oz.

Amyris is a small evergreen tree native to Asia, Haiti and other Caribbean islands, as well as Central America. Patience is required, as this tree that grows to be 2-4 meters needs approximately 30 years before it produces its sweet essential oil.

Amyris? woody, balsamic aroma is relaxing and calming to the nerves. Its cooling action also helps to relieve frustration and sexual tension as well as general stress and irritability. The scent is both uplifting and soothing with a strong anti-inflammatory action. This oil both slows the aging process and regenerates the skin, making it an excellent choice for facial care blends.

Amyris, also known as West Indian Sandalwood, is a great choice for use as a base note fixative oil. Commonly found in soaps and other Sandalwood products in place of true Sandalwood, Amyris supports vibrant physical health by helping to remove physical and etheric toxins that congest and distort the body. An alternative choice in place of the endangered true Sandalwood, Amyris is a healthy, inexpensive and sustainable substitute in many aromatherapy applications.

Helping us to balance in our natural rhythms and cycles, Amyris aligns us with the feminine energy of the moon. Heightening intuition, creativity, and imagination, Amyris is an excellent oil for dreamers, artists, musicians and poets as she supports them in connecting with creative source energy.

By helping us to see the unfolding of the natural magic of life, Amyris? transformative energy saturates the auric field with creativity, health and abundance. Amyris restores a natural, innocent outlook on life, bringing joy and laughter to our hearts and assisting us in making choices that uplift and nourish, thus encouraging love for ourselves and the world as a whole.

Non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and non-irritating Amyris blends well with essential oils of Basil, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cedarwood, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Myrrh, Neroli, Wild Orange, Palmarosa, Rose, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Vetiver, Wild Orange, Ylang-Ylang.

Try our undiluted, pure, and natural essential oils today. These are new in our store and our customers love our handy two ounce glass bottles which our oils are stored for maximum freshness, purity, and potency. Our list of exclusive essential and carrier (base) oils grows as each week month passes so please check back often if you do not see the essential oil in which you seek please email us with your request to add a specific essential oil to our shelves.

Guide To Essential Oils
Essential Oils For Babies Essential Oils For Pets

Tips On Using Essential Oils:
Use essential oils in the bath by adding three to eight drops to the tub, depending on the oil. Add it just before you get in and soak for at least 10 minutes.

Use oils as an inhalant to treat congestion (try eucalyptus ) or stress (try peppermint or sandalwood ). Put four drops in a bowl of hot, almost boiling water. Drape a towel over your head to make a tent and breathe in the steam for a few minutes.

Make a foot bath with five to seven drops of oil in a quart of warm water soak for about 10 minutes. Try lemon, mint, tea tree or juniper oil.

Put 20 drops per 5 oz. of water in a spray bottle to make a room spray, or add a drop or two to a basket of dried flowers.

Put a drop of oil on a hot lightbulb - but don't try this with halogen lights.

Create a blend for massage by adding 10 drops of oil per 1 oz. of diluting oil, also called a carrier oil.

Make up a massage oil using apricot or 100 percent extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil for normal skin types. Try aloe vera or coconut oils for dry skin.

Use grapeseed oil in blends for skin that tends to be oily.

For good smelling towels, sheets, clothes, etc. place a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto a small piece of terry cloth and toss into the clothes dryer while drying. Add 5 drops essential oil to 1/4 cup fabric softener or water and place in the center cup of the washer.

Potpourri which has lost its scent can be revived by adding a few drops of essential oil.

The bathroom is easily scented by placing oil-scented cotton balls in inconspicuous places, or sprinkle oils directly onto silk or dried flower arrangements or wreaths.

Apply true lavender oil or tea tree oil directly to cuts, scrapes or scratches. 1 or 2 drops will promote healing.

Selling your home? Fragrance sells! Fill the kitchen area with the aroma of spices such as clove, cinnamon and vanilla. Simmer a few drops of the essential oil of cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices. geranium oil sprinkled throughout the home creates a warm, cheerful and inviting mood. Add cinnamon oil to furniture polish and wipe down the wood.

Overindulge last night? Essential oils of juniper, cedarwood, grapefruit, lavender, carrot, fennel, rosemary and lemon help soften the effects of a hangover. Make your own blend of these oils and use a total of 6-8 drops in a bath.

Using Essential Oils Safely:
Do not apply undiluted essential oils directly to your skin, because they are so very concentrated. Essential oils are absorbed through the skin, so using too much can result in an overdose. Make sure you store essential oils out of the reach of children. Do not get essential oils in your eyes, nose, or ears. Wash your hands thoroughly after using essential oils. If working with pure essential oils, you may want to get disposable latex gloves. Do not take essential oils internally. Even small amounts can be toxic. Do a patch test if you have allergies or think you might be sensitive to an essential oil. Overuse of essential oils can trigger a headache or dizziness. Don't exceed recommended amounts. If you have a medical condition, consult a qualified practitioner before using essential oils.

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