Eucalyptus Leaf Tea - Bulk Organic - 4 oz


All of our organic loose teas come with a free reusable muslin tea bag. How to prepare eucalyptus tea: Take 1-2 tablespoons of our organic eucalyptus leaf put in a large cup, add hot water and let rest for about 4-6 minutes - then add honey or brown sugar and drink in small zips while hot.

You can drink one or 2 cups of eucalyptus tea just for fun or as preventive medicine. If you have a cough, then you drink 4-5 large cups per day. Children drink 3-4 small cups per day.

Eucalyptus leaves are thick and if you rub them gently between fingers the strong and powerful eucalyptus fragrance is freed ... and your fingers will be sticky from the resinous nature of the eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus tea made of dried eucalyptus leaves has lost most of its healing power and should be avoided as herbal medicine. If you live in a eucalyptus area and need eucalyptus leaves for your herbal cough medicine - then best is to cut small branches with a few dozen leaves and keep this fresh branches in a vase with water to prevent drying of the leaves. This method allows you to keep fresh cut branches for at least a day or 2 in useful condition. Eucalyptus leaves dry very fast if stored in aircon rooms or hot car or hot ventilated areas. If you have no access to fresh eucalyptus leaves but need eucalyptus herbal medicine - then use either pure quality eucalyptus oil or fine quality eucalyptus candy as cough medicine.

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