Liquid Phosphorus - 16 Oz

Each bottle contains 2,000 mg/L or approx. 10 mg's per teaspoon! Phosphorus is synonymous with intelligence. Phosphorus is found in the nucleus of each cell in the human body, is found in body fluids and in solid tissue. A person weighing about 150 pounds contains approximately two pounds of phosphorus in their body. Phosphorus is the nutrient that comprises the outer bone and combines with several other elements such as iron, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and calcium. These phosphates are essential to animal and plant life. Phosphorus is necessary in the synthesis of RNA and DNA and it is important for bone and teeth construction.

Phosphorus improves bone density and nutrition of nervous system tissue. When supplied in proper quantity phosphorus enhances the reproductive organs, autonomic nervous system, ganglia, brain and other nerve networks. In conjunction with other elements it can strengthen tissue integrity, function and metabolism. The proper amounts of phosphorus ensure a balance of the acid/alkaline ration in the digestive juices, blood and the distribution of liquid throughout the tissues.

There is a distinct difference between the phosphorus needed by the bones from the phosphorus needed by the brain. Phosphorus for the brain comes from meat, dairy and fish whereas phosphorus for the bones comes from fruits and vegetables. Phosphorus is vital in synthesizing lecithin and cerebrin, which are both needed by the brain. Phosphorus compounds like lecithin are found everywhere in the tissues, lymph, and other of the body as well as in the white and gray matter of brain and nerve tissue. Phosphorus stimulates hair growth and prevents the blood from becoming too acid or alkaline. It is also necessary for the synthesis of the RNA and DNA.

Since ionic Phosphorus does not build up in the body, it never reaches toxic levels. Therefore feel free to find the amount that works best for you.

Phosphorus is best taken in the morning, as it opposes Calcium which typically is consumed in the evening.

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