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Florida Herb House offers some of the best astragalus root around. Gently dried and then stored in our special climate controlled, dehumidified rooms is where you will find this amazing root. None better! Astragalus root is also known as Astragalus membranaceus, milk vetch, huang qi (Chinese), ogi (Japanese), and hwanggi (Korean).

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Astragalus is a graceful, flowing plant with long stems bearing paired, pointed leaves and purple flowers, the astragalus is harvested for its roots that are white when dug out of the ground but become yellow as they are dried.

Packed Fresh To Order In Our Flavor Savor Foil Bags! Our Herbs Are Absolutely The Purest And Freshest Shipped To Your Door! We Buy Direct From The Growers And Store All Our Precious Herbs In Climate/Light Controlled "Waiting Rooms!"

The dried root in the form of tea, encapsulated or as an extract. Powder is mildly sweet and may be sprinkled on food or whipped into a shake or smoothie. Most traditional Chinese recommend taking 9-15 grams (3 to 5 tablespoons) of the whole herb per day, made by boiling the ground, dried root in water for a few minutes and then brewing the tea. Most supplement capsules provide 500 milligrams of the herb. Two to three tablets or capsules, two to three cups of tea, or 3-5 ml of tincture three times per day.


Astragalus is non-toxic in any dosages.

Bulk Organic And Packed All Natural, In Stock And Ready To Ship In Our Flavor Savor Containers! All herbs are free from irradiation and ozone treatment, sulfur, gasses and other sanitary chemicals! Unsurpassable in color, depth, taste and aroma! Florida Herb House guarantees the highest quality herbs and spices always or your money back!! - Analyzed for quality, safety and true botanical identity by the best in quality control!

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