Bee Pollen – Wildharvested


Also known as pollen (not to be confused with propolis). When bees help themselves to nectar so they can make honey, they coat their legs with pollen. Then bee pollen is collected for the colony's principal protein food when they return to the hive.

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Bee pollen is classified as a food and not a drug. Bee pollen can be eaten at any time of the day or night but beware of the energy blast you may experience due to the high vitamin B content present in the pollen. Bee pollen can be mixed in cereal, granola, yogurt and even apple sauce. Try blending it into your daily health drink or smoothie also. We keep our bee pollen in the refrigerator year round and we recommend you do the same to prevent any moisture from getting in. You don't want mold! This goes for granules, capsules or tablets. Start with smaller dosages to test for an allergic reaction and then slowly increase to the common 1-2 teaspoons per day.

Typical Preparations

Typically taken in 1-2 teaspoons per day in pollen pollen powder form or bee pollen chunks either ground up or used for tea.


Since the anti-allergy effect of bee pollen is probably due to quercetin than to the particular plants the bees harvested, it is not necessary to use a locally collected bee pollen (or honey). If you have severe allergies to ANY pollen, avoid bee pollen.

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Please consult your doctor or nutritionist about taking bee pollen granules as a health supplement, particularly if you have allergies or allergy-related illnesses such as asthma. If you get your doctor's approval, take a small dose of bee pollen granules and wait for 72 hours to ensure that there are no adverse or allergic effects.

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