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Botanical: Rubus fruticosus

Family: Rosaceae (bramble/rose)

Other common names: Bramble, Cloudberry, Dewberry, Brambleberry, Fingerberry


Blackberry and raspberry plants may be difficult to tell apart; however, blackberry leaves are light green in color on the underside, while raspberries have silvery undersides.



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For a cup of hot tea, pour boiling water over the leaves and let them infuse for at least five minutes. A bit of sugar to your taste might intensify the flavor. In the course of human consumption, no negative effects of Blackberry tea have been revealed. However, it is strongly recommended that after a week of internal intake a pause should be made.



Blackberries have been divided into hundreds of species, with two major kinds occurring in both Europe and North America. The most common European variety grows upright and heavily-thorned with stiff, erect canes that propagate by suckers from the roots. Blackberry leaf bears much resemblance to Black raspberry leaf, however its underside is not silvery, as it is the case with black raspberry, but light green. The compound Blackberry leaves are arranged alternatively on the stem of the plant and are made up of three to five leaflets with hackly and prickly edges.

Of all constituent parts of the Blackberry plant, the leaves have received the most expansive application. It has been used medicinally as a natural skin remedy. Blackberry leaf is also an excellent blood and skin tonic. Therefore it can serve as a tonic for oily skin. Blackberry leaves are commonly used as a tea or in the form of a food supplement.

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