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Also known as- Borago officinalis, Beebread, Bugloss, and Star Flower.

Get our best premium dried organic borage around! We offer the purest herbs at the most attractive prices online. Borage is a native plant of the Middle East that has become naturalized in Europe and the United States. It's fair to say borage "grows like a weed." This herb grows abundantly in abandoned lawns and garbage dumps.

Borage is easily recognized by its white prickly hairs and bright blue, star-shaped flowers. Its dark green leaves are gently curved and its fruits consist of dark brown nutlets in groups of four. Borage oil comes from the seeds of borage, or starflowers.

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Borage can be taken in the form of oil, soft gels, or capsules. Most health experts suggest consuming 1000 mg of borage oil per day. High levels of borage oil can be toxic, so avoid taking more than the recommended dose each day. Those with liver problems may want to avoid taking borage oil or should consult their doctor before taking borage oil.


Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), beta-carotene, choline, mucilage, fiber, B vitamins, and trace minerals.

Parts Used

Seed, or flower and herb.

Typical Preparations

Seed oil, or flower and herb used in tinctures, teas, and encapsulations.


As always we recommend you check with your health physician before taking Borage.

It is recommended that you do not use if pregnant.

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