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Also known as Apium graveolens, wild celery, Aches des Marais, Ajamoda, Apii Frutus, Celery Fruit, Fruit de Celeri, Smallage, Selleriefruchte, Selleriesamen. The celery seed is a close relative of the celery you can buy in your market. The fruit or "seed" is grayish green to brown with a characteristic, slightly bitter, spicy taste. Too much celery seed can overpower a dish, whereas a little brings out flavors in other foods. Celery seed is used in pickles, casseroles, and Bloody Marys.

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Can be used to make teas, but more often used in cooking. Seldom used in extract or capsule form. Celery seed is a traditional remedy for nervous stomach. Prior to the Middle Ages, a wild form of celery referred to as selinon, or smallage, was used to help with intestinal gas. Today, although celery is primarily used for flavor, it has the same effects on digestion.

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If you use diuretics, it is recommended that you do not use celery seed. The herb does not cause sensitivity to sunlight by itself, but it can cause increased risk of sunburn in people who take prescription ACE inhibitors to control high blood pressure. Large consumption of Celery seed should be avoided while pregnant or nursing.

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