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Order now as we do run out fast! Our fresh dried bilberry powder is back in stock! We have scoured the earth looking for the ultimate billberry and now have secured over 150 Lbs. of these delightful little bilberry fruits and bilberry fruit powder. Used in recipes, candles, soaps, and for aromatherapy these berries are one of our best sellers! Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) is a low-growing deciduous shrub that is native to northern Europe. Bilberries belong to the health family, and are very closely related to blueberries and other small fruits of importance such as cranberries and huckleberries. The bilberry plant is also known by other names, including European blueberry, huckleberry, hurtleberry, and whortleberry.


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In North America, bilberry is found in mountainous regions of the West. The small dark-blue bilberries can also be eaten fresh or made into juice, jams, or preserves. Bilberries are smaller than blueberries, and their intense pigments are evenly distributed throughout the skin and flesh. This is in sharp contrast to blueberries in which the pigments are located principally in the berry's skin.


Modern bilberry research mainly focuses on the high concentration of flavonoids called anthocyanosides. These chemicals show remarkable antioxidant qualities. They neutralize “free radicals". Antioxidants combat against health ailments. The benefits of bilberry also include vitamin C and vitamin D.


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Typical Preparations

Dried fruit, jam, bilberry leaf powder tablets, bilberry leaf tea.


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