Deep Sleep Delight - Buy Organic 3 Herb Sleeping Blend


Our POWDERED BEST SELLING natural organic sleeping drink mix! Totally organic and chemical/pesticides FREE! Try it for one month and see what it can do for you!

One half pound will last several weeks when taken 1 teaspoon per day! Try our organic all natural herbal sleep blend for one of the most effective all natural sleep stimulants! Our exclusive sleep blend has helped so many improve sleep quality. Just 1-2 teaspoons in your favorite drink or smoothie an hour before bedtime for the most proven blast of powerful and ORGANIC effective sleep support herbs.

Each one pound bag contains a mix of Organic: Valerian Root Powder, Chamomile Flower Powder, and Lavender Flower Powder!

Valerian a hardy perennial flowering plant with sweetly smelling white or pink flowers, can be grown in various parts of Europe and Asia and now also grows naturally in areas of the United States. Other names typically used for valerian include: garden valerian, and garden heliotrope (which is not related to Heliotrope - Heliotropum). As opposed to many other natural herbal sleep aids, to gain the benefits of the effects of valerian you need to use it regularly, with the full effects becoming apparent slowly and steadily over time. Results will normally appear after about one month and regular use promotes deep relaxation and natural sleep. Several different studies suggest valerian as far and away the best natural solution for insomnia and general sleeplessness for many people.

Chamomile is a common flowering plant that is indigenous to various parts of central and southern Europe (Germany, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, and Slovakia), and northwestern Asia. Chamomile is now widely cultivated in the United States, Australia, Argentina, Egypt, and northern Africa. The dried leaves and flowers are commonly packaged as a tea and can be purchased over the counter in both bagged and loose form. Chamomile has been used throughout the ages as a very effective sleep aid. It has been administered in a variety of ways including being brewed as a tea and used in a sachet placed underneath a pillow. Unlike some herbal sleep remedies, chamomile does not have to be used on a regular basis to be effective as a treatment for insomnia. It can be used on the spot to provide quick relief for sleeplessness and anxiety.

Lavender is a shrubby flowering bush indigenous to the mountainous regions of the western Mediterranean and is considered have been first domesticated by the Arabians, then later spread across Europe by the Romans. Lavender was brought to North America by the Pilgrims and was one of the first garden plants imported to Australia in the 19th century. It can be found in abundance in the wild in many parts of the world as well as being garden grown in a sunny, well-drained area, preferably in mildly alkaline soil. The smaller species will also grow quite easily in well-drained pots. This popular flowering herb's essential oil has been demonstrated to depress the central nervous system in a manner comparable to pharmaceutical tranquilizers. Lavender is very useful and effective in its usage as a sleep aid.

These three organic herbs are ground up and then equally blended for a super duper organic chemical/pesticide FREE sleeping herbal drink powder mix! This blend is NOT something that you will find in a supermarket or health food store as all of our herbs are stored in a special warehouse that is light/climate controlled and dehumidified to keep our herbs potent and pure!

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