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The Siberian ginseng is a plant of the Araliaceae family called the eleuthero, this herb is distantly related to the real Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), also called the Chinese ginseng. The eleuthero herb has been often called by the name Siberian ginseng in this country, even though it is also more commonly known by names such as the touch me not and the devil's shrub and other names in its native Siberia.

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This variety of ginseng can be regarded as a very hardy and tough deciduous shrub; it can reach a height of 10 ft or 3 m when fully mature. Each individual stem of the Siberian ginseng characteristically bears about three to seven toothed leaflets. The number of beneficial herbal remedies which can be made from the Siberian ginseng is legendary and the herb is considered to be a very powerful tonic herb, and it is used in the treatment of people as a supplemental performance booster.

The greatest benefits of the Siberian ginseng is its ability to maintain good health in a person. The strong and effective ability of the Siberian ginseng in stimulating the resistance of the body to physical and mental stress has been demonstrated in numerous studies; due to this the herb is now widely used in times of stress and pressure as a general stimulatory herbal tonic. The effects of the Siberian ginseng are more strongly stimulatory than the Asian ginseng but all in all, the effects and beneficial actions are similar in both varieties of ginseng.

Dosage levels for the Siberian ginseng vary from one person to the other, normally it is about 2-3 grams every day of the dried ginseng, the powdered root form or the rhizomes extract. Two to three divided dosages of 8-10 ml of the alcohol-based extracts can be taken daily, or the concentrated solid herbal extract standardized on eleutherosides B and E, can be taken at dosage levels of 300-400 mg every day, during the treatment period. The ideal and traditional dosage level for the eleuthero is a regular dose of the herb for a period lasting six to eight weeks at a stretch; these periods of dosage are punctuated by breaks lasting one to two weeks break following which the dosage can be started again.

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