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Horsetail is a well known herb; it is a perennial herb growing in moist loamy or sandy soil found in much of the North American continent, as well as in similar climates in Europe and Asia. The morphology of the horsetail herb is very strange and the plant has a creeping, or string like rootstock which gives it its name. The roots at the nodes are turned into numerous hollow stems of two kinds. Horsetail begins growth in two stages, initial growth of the plant is through a fertile and flesh colored stem, this stem can grow to a height of four to seven inches and comes out a cone like spike - this spike contains spores of the plant

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Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is an herbal remedy dating back to at least ancient Roman and Greek medicine. It was used traditionally to stop bleeding, heal ulcers and wounds, and treat tuberculosis and kidney problems. The name Equisetum is derived from the Latin roots equus, meaning "horse," and seta, meaning "bristle." Horsetail contains silicon, which plays a role in strengthening bone. It is also used as a diuretic, and as an ingredient in come cosmetics. However, very few studies have looked at horsetail's effect in humans.

Very few studies have been done of horsetail's effect in humans. Horsetail has traditionally been used as a diuretic (helps rid the body of excess fluid by increasing urine output). Horsetail has been used by people with osteoporosis (thinning bone), because it contains silicon, a mineral needed for bone health.

Adult Usage:

Standardized dose:
300 mg, 3 times daily

Tincture (1:5): 1 - 4 mL, 3 times daily

External (compresses): 10 g of herb per 1 liter water daily

Be sure to drink enough fluids when taking horsetail preparations by mouth.


The use of herbs is a time-honored approach to strengthening the body. Herbs, however, contain components that can trigger side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications. For these reasons, herbs should be taken with care, under the supervision of a qualified health care provider trained in the field of botanical medicine.

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