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Also known as Urtica dioica, Stinging Nettle, Common Nettle, Gerrais, Isirgan, Kazink, Ortiga, Grande Ortie, Ortie, Urtiga, Chichicaste, and Brennessel. The common nettle comes by its other name, stinging nettle, honestly. The innocuous plant, a perennial that grows in many parts of the world and that has been naturalized to Brazil, delivers a stinging burn when the hairs on the leaves and stems are touched.

Typical Preparations

The powder is used in health drinks and smoothies or put into capsules. The leaf is often steamed and eaten in salads, pastas, etc. Tea is often made from nettle too!

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Stinging Nettle Possible Benefits

Stinging Nettle has been used for centuries to nourish the urinary tract. Long used as a diuretic, it cleanses the entire system by promoting the flow of urine and also aids kidney and bladder function. The herb is used to expel gravel from the bladder, flush toxins from the system and combat urinary infections.

In the specific case of male health, the herb has may be helpful for prostate health and function.

As an anti-inflammatory, Nettle appears to inhibit the manufacture of prostaglandins, which may cause inflammation.

As an astringent, Stinging Nettle has been effective in stopping external (with topical use) and internal bleeding. It may help to reduce menstrual flow, uterine and internal hemorrhage, blood in the urine, and diarrhea.

The herb's astringency also shrinks inflamed tissues and helps to alleviate hemorrhoids.

Stinging Nettle is a nutritive that has been used for centuries as a tonic that nourishes and detoxifies the entire system. High in iron content, it is considered beneficial by building red blood cells, and the high vitamin C content ensures that the iron will be absorbed by the body. It is also mineral and vitamin rich and is good for debilitated conditions.

Stinging Nettle is used to cleanse the digestive tract, promote healthy digestion and ease stomach problems.

With regard to women's health issues, Stinging Nettle is believed to be effective against vaginal infections, such as Candida, a yeast infection.

Stinging Nettle is supposed to be good for expectant mothers as both a nutritive and by guarding against bleeding, and it is also believed to promote milk production in nursing mothers.

Stinging Nettle is said to be a fine circulatory stimulant, opening blood vessels and increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

The iodine content in Stinging Nettle is said to stimulate healthy thyroid function.

Stinging Nettle is a well-known for hay fever and other allergies. It helps to relieve inflammation caused by allergic reactions and clears congestion in the nose and chest.

Moreover, it is considered an expectorant that expels phlegm from the stomach and clears mucus from the lungs, which is helpful in cases of respiratory problems.

Used externally, modern herbalists use Stinging Nettle as a hair tonic and growth stimulant and also an anti-dandruff shampoo. Nettle tea is also considered an effective hair tonic that may bring back the natural color of the hair. A poultice made of the leaves alleviates pain due to inflammation, and the dried powdered leaf is said to stop nosebleed. As a wash, Stinging Nettle is good for burns, insect bites and wounds. Although Stinging Nettle is a stinging plant, it is sometimes used in cosmetics as a facial. Stinging Nettle tea is an old-fashioned remedy for fever, colds and la grippe, and it has also often been used to relieve backache.


Because of its diuretic and hypotensive actions, nettle leaf may lower blood pressure. If you are taking diuretics or other drugs meant to lower blood pressure, consult your doctor before using nettle leaf. Its long term, extended use is not recommended.

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