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Get about 20 single teaspoon servings from one quarter pound of our Blue Green Algae Delight powder. This is a true health treat for our customers. Just 1-2 teaspoons per day in your daily health shake or smoothie is all you need! For those of you who love our all natural Chlorella and organic Spirulina blue green algae powder but don't want the pricey cost of each here we have our ready to use Blue Green Algae Delight which combines equal parts of our broken wall Chlorella and organic Spirulina powders into one easy to use resealable packet.

Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater alga. These algae contain large amount of chlorophyll, the chemical that gives plants their green color. Chlorophyll is an essential compound for photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert light into chemical energy. Chlorophyll is also available in green leafy vegetables.

Spirulina is a blue-green algae. It is a simple, one-celled form of algae that thrives in warm, alkaline fresh-water bodies. The name "spirulina" is derived from the Latin word for "helix" or "spiral"; denoting the physical configuration of the organism when it forms swirling, microscopic strands. Spirulina is being developed as the "food of the future" because of its amazing ability to synthesize high-quality concentrated food more efficiently than any other algae. Spirulina also provides high concentrations of amino acids, chelated minerals, pigmentations, rhamnose sugars (complex natural plant sugars), trace elements, enzymes - that are in an easily assimilable form.

Cracked Wall Chlorella

The Key Features of Spirulina are:

One 3 g (6 x 500 mg tablets) serving supplies the nutritional equivalent of TWO servings of fresh vegetables!

Rich in antioxidants

Boosts energy and cellular health

Ecologically grown in USA, in the California desert; pesticide and herbicide free

More than 60% easy-to-digest all-vegetable protine.

Rare food source of the essential fatty acid GLA

High in B-12 and easy-to-absorb iron

Spirulina Contains

8 essential amino acids

Isoleucine (4.13%)

Leucine (5.80%)

Lysine (4.00%)

Methionine (2.17%)

Phenylalanine (3.95%)

Threonine (4.17%)

Tryptophane (1.13%)

Valine (6.00%)

10 Non-essential amino acids

Alanine (5.82%)

Arginine (5.98%)

Aspartic Acid (6.34%)

Cystine (0.67%)

Glutamic Acid (8.94%)

Histidine (1.08%)

Proline (2.97%)

Serine (4.00%)

Tyrosine (4.60%)

8 Minerals

Potassium (15,400 mg/Kg)

Calcium (1,315 mg/kg)

Zinc (39 mg/kg)

Magnesium (1,915 mg/kg)

Selemium (0.40 ppm)

Iron (580 mg/kg)

Phosphorus (8,942 mg/kg)

Pyridoxine or B6 (mg/kg)

Biotin (0.4 mg/kg)

Cobalanin or B12 (2mg/kg) B12 is one of the most difficult of all vitamins to obtain from a plant source. Spirulina contains 250% more than beef or liver

Pantonthenice Acid 11 mg/kg)

Folic Acid (o.5 mg/kg)

Intositol (350 mg/kg)

Niacin ( 118 mg/kg)

Riboflacvin or B2 (40 mg/kg)

Thiamine or B1 (55 mg/kg)

Tocopherol or v E (190 mg/kg)

Carotenoids Produces Vitamin A


Beta-carotene Xanthophylis





Chlorella contains a range of carotenoids that is superior merely to taking a supplement of synthetic beta carotene. When you take a supplement that contains beta carotene, and it does not specify that it is derived from algae such as chlorella or d. salina, then you are only getting some of the benefits of carotenoids. There are many carotenoids- well over 600-and using chlorella as your source of carotenoids gives you much more benefit. While beta carotene has protective power, chlorella has much more.

Chlorella is also a rich source of the remarkable mineral magnesium. Magnesium performs no less than 300 different tasks in the body. It is essential for heart function, immune function, blood pressure regulation, blood sugar balance, stroke prevention, and for both muscle strength and muscle relaxation. It is critical for energy production. It promotes mental health, relieves PMS, and reduces asthma attacks. No cell in the body can function without this mineral.

According to the USDA, 80 percent of Americans fail to get enough magnesium. Refined white flour contains only 20 percent of its original magnesium content. Sugar, sodas and junk foods, which make up a large part of the American diet, contain virtually none. Our crops are grown in soils with increasingly lower levels of magnesium. On top of this, our toxic environment depletes us of it.

The Key Features of Chlorella are:

Your immune system will be greatly enhanced

Friendly bacteria growth is encouraged supporting your digestion

Proven to remove heavy metals & toxins from your body

Helps to keep your body alkaline – essential for good health

Antiviral properties help to protect you from infection

Broad spectrum nutrition that boosts your energy

Chlorella will support weight loss if you are dieting

A natural deodorant, Chlorella helps to freshen your breath

A good bowel cleansing agent that improves the overall digestive track

Chlorella contains a wealth of important nutrients;

Known as the richest natural source of chlorophyll – deep cleansing

More than 20 bio-available (easy to digest) vitamins & minerals

* Rich in Beta-Carotene a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals

19 amino acids - essential for tissue and cell regeneration

Greater quantity of fatty acids than Spirulina or wild blue green algae

60% superior protein – three times the amount of steak or fish

Contains most components of the vitamin B complex, especially B12, making Chlorella a recommended supplement for vegetarians.

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