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Brahmi (Bacopa monniera), also called Water Hyssop: Aerial parts are used for a range of health complaints including indigestion, ulcers, constipation, asthma, bronchitis, even infertility. The expressed juice mixed with oil is used as a rub for arthritic pain. May be useful in improving mental function, memory and concentration and reduces learning time. Please note: Pennywort, sometimes called Gotu Kola (Centella asiata, or Hydrocotyle asiata) is also sometimes called Brahmi. It's also used to improve brain function, but is most commonly used for arthritis and other problems of aging.


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Brahmi is a perennial creeping herb with small white flowers. Its leaves are bright green and look almost like a succulent. It grows in damp, marshy areas, in both fresh and brackish water. It is commonly found throughout Southeast Asia, but has since migrated with great success to Florida and several other southern states in the US. Brahmi has a bitter and pungent flavor. It has been used since the 6th century C.E. in Ayurvedic medicine and is considered the foremost tonic for the nervous system and general cognition. A recent study in Australia has shown that it had a significant effect on the retention of new information.

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