Acai Pure Berry Powder - Freeze Dried Organic


The acai berry grows in the Amazon Rainforest on acai palm trees and looks like a purple marble or purple grape. The Acai berry (fruit) is 90% seed pit and 10% acai pulp and must be carefully handled before it can be consumed.



Acai berry has a unique tropical fruit flavor and provides a high level nutritional benefits. The acai berry contains high levels of antioxidants also known as anthocyanins. It also contains Omega Fatty Acids (healthy fats), Amino Acids, Fiber, Iron, along with many other vitamins and minerals (Nutritional Value of the Acai Berry and Acai Berry Juice). An amazonian traditional recipe mixes acai fruit pulp and natural guarana seed, which gives energy and heighten mental clarity that has caffeine like effects when combined with guarana.


Is freeze dried Acai powder really as good as fresh Acai? Acai tastes so good - if we lived in the Amazon we would probably eat it fresh just to enjoy the taste. However, from a nutrition stand point the freeze dried Acai powder does maintain the same nutrition profile as fresh Acai. In fact, because freeze dried Acai removes the water from the Acai - ounce for ounce freeze dried Acai has a much higher concentration of nutrients than fresh Acai.


The actual process used to freeze dry their Acai involves approximately a seven fold concentrate of their 14% dried Acai pulp. What this means in English is that it takes about 7 grams of Acai pulp to make 1 gram of Acai freeze dried powder. 100 grams of fresh Acai has an impressive antioxidant rating of 5,500 ORAC score but 100 grams of freeze dried Acai powder has an amazing ORAC score of over 70,000!


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