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Also known as- Cynara scolymus. Get a full one fourth pound of the freshest organic artichoke powder around! Packed in our super resealable foil packs for ease of use. We offer the purest herbs at the most attractive prices online. The artichoke is one of the world's oldest vegetables. It was first grown in eastern Africa and then made its way to Europe via Egypt. Images of artichokes are found on ancient Egyptian papyri and on sacrificial altars.

Bulk organic artichoke leaf has been the subject of two medical studies in recent years. The result of research done on the effects of organic artichoke leaf has demonstrated that the biochemical substance contained in organic artichoke leaf, known as cynarin, can combat LDL cholesterol in adults susceptible to this condition. Cynarin was first isolated in the 1930s; while clinically proven to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol, it should be emphasized that such therapeutic use of bulk organic artichoke leaf is most effective when it is used to supplement a high-fiber diet and exercise program.

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Cynarin, beta-sitosterol, luteolin, stigmasterol.

Parts Used

Dried leaf, rather than the flowering buds eaten as a vegetable.

Typical Preparations

Powdered herb, teas, capsules and extracts.

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