Bath Flowers Delight - Roses, Lavender and Jasmine

For a true natural treat try a warm bath topped with a sprinkle of our organic Bath Flowers Delight. This wonderful blend of organic harvested flower petals includes our elegant red and pink Rose Flower Petals, Lavender Flowers and Jasmine Flowers for an amazing flower experience. One small bag lasts for over a dozen baths. The pound of these organic flowers will last several dozen baths! Great after a stressful day or simply to clear the mind and soul and bring on a true state of relaxation and ease. Great for those romantic nights too!

This amazing organic certified Rose, Lavender, and Jasmine Flowers work so well together! Add a handful of this eclectic blend of our finest organic flowers to your next bath! Many also put some of these pure organic flowers inside their pillow and the aroma is beautiful! Throw a little bit in your tea for a super healthy addition!

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