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A relative of the coffee plant, Galium aparine has many colorful names besides cleaver's herb, which include goosegrass, robin-run the hedge, stickywilly and catchweed. The last two names are significant when you consider that fresh cleaver's herb are fuzzy and have a tendency to stick to fabric. Although this natural herb is edible when boiled, this fuzz makes Galium aparine a poor choice to eat raw.

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Today, those trained in herbal science recommend dried cleaver's herb for hypertension and bladder inflammation. In addition, organic Galium aparine appears to provide relief in the case of sinus colds and acts as a relaxant. When boiled, the root of the Galium aparine plant produces a harmless red dye that is used in the manufacture of clothing made from organic fabrics.

Organic Cleavers

Claims regarding the health benefits of various medicinal herbs have not been scientifically proven in many cases; however, it is true that cleavers herb is one of the herbs and spices in bulk that contains high levels of Vitamin C. Dried organic cleaver's herb can be brewed up in a tea that may help in regulating blood pressure. Keep in mind that even organic herbs and natural herbs contain active ingredients that may cause interactions and may not be appropriate for everyone; therefore, cleaver's herb should be used under the guidance of a licensed herbalist.

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