Chaga Mushroom Tea - Wildharvested


How To Make Chaga Tea

Use Florida Herb House Wildharvested Chaga (1/4 cup per pot)

2 Quarts (64oz) of Water

Medium Size Boiling Pot With Top

Directions: Put a chunk of Chaga into a pot, fill the pot up with water, boil the water for up to two hours and the longer the boil the stronger the tea. Remove from heat and let cool. Flavor to taste or drink plain. Store leftover in your fridge.

Chaga Mushrooms

What is ORAC?

ORAC stands for "Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity". This is a scale that measures the amount of free oxygen radicals in your body that a food or supplement can absorb. Free oxygen radicals are formed in our body from normal daily living, electricity, pollution, sun exposure and various other unavoidables. These free radicals bounce around our body beating up on our cell structure and organs, making us more susceptible to diseases. Cigarette smoke is full of free radicals. Ever notice how much older smokers look?

Researchers have also discovered that consumption of foods with a high ORAC score helps deter memory loss. Chaga has the highest reported ORAC score in natural foods or oils. Chaga also has Polysaccharides, that other medicinal mushrooms contain, and Triterpenes only found elsewhere in Ganoderma.

It appears that Russians have been making and drinking Chaga tea for centuries. It was used as a substitute for real tea by people who could not afford the real thing.

Chaga Infusion

The dried, shredded inner part of the conk is softened by soaking in cold but previously boiled water for 4 hours. Filter and save both the liquid portion as well as the softened fungus. An infusion is prepared by pouring sterilized boiled water, cooled to 50º C (122º F), over the fungus (use a weight ratio of about 1:5 fungus to water). Let stand at room temperature for 48 hours. The mixture is then filtered (coffee filter) and the water in which the fungus was originally soaked is added to the filtrate.

Dosage: The infusion can be used for up to 4 days. Three glasses should be taken per 24-hour period,

approximately 30 minutes before meals. It takes some 7 kg a month of the fungus for a course of treatment, lasting 4 to 7 months, with short breaks if necessary.

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