Healthy Hair Minerals - Chromium 32 Oz


Food sources: Brewer's yeast, liver, beef and whole wheat bread. Daily dose: Up to 120 mg. Warnings: People who are allergic to yeast should not take chromium supplements.

Remember, if you do not eat right, your hair suffers. The nutrients in food are used by the body to keep the internal organs in good shape, and the remaining nutrients are used for the skin, hair and nails. So a variety of foods, the correct amount of vitamins and minerals and lots and lots of water go a long way in ensuring that your hair looks good. There are healthy hair vitamins, which must for a part of your diet. Vitamin B6 produces melanin, which is responsible for the color of the hair. Calcium, chromium and copper support healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. Vitamin A produces healthy sebum in the scalp. Vitamin C is required for good hair health and Vitamin E enhances circulation in the scalp.

Suggested Use for Chromium:
Adults: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon daily. May be added to fruit or vegetable juice. Consult a health care practitioner for use with individuals under the age of 14.

Important Notes Concerning Chromium:
The suggested daily amount of Chromium is an absolute minimum intended to supplement a very well balanced diet. Should your diet be less than perfect, increasing your Chromium intake may be beneficial. Since ionic Chromium does not build up in the body, it never reaches toxic levels. Therefore feel free to find the amount that works best for you. Chromium may be taken either morning or night.

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