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Our premium organic cinnamon zeylanicum powder is second to none! Cold stored in our special climate controlled, dehumidified, light controlled warehouse for nothing but the best in purity, potency and flavor!

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Try our true sweet Ceylon Cinnamon zeylanicum powder! Ceylon Cinnamon has been substituted for so long with lesser versions of itself like cassia that many people have no idea how different they actually are. How ever, there are many differences between Ceylon or "Real" Cinnamon (i.e., true cinnamon, cinnamon zeylanicum, sweet cinnamon, etc.) and cassia. These differences are both external such as texture, flavor and color as well as differences between their constituents and properties.

Ceylon cinnamon's texture is much less coarse than its counterpart cassia cinnamon. This makes our cinnamon zeylanicum ideal for culinary uses as it enhances the texture of the meal as well as flavor. Cinnamon cassia delivers a strong dark flavor while cinnamon zeylanicum offers more of a rich gourmet flavor with citrus like notes. Ceylon cinnamon is easy to grind in a spice or coffee grinder while cassia bark is usually thick and the single layers that would likely break a grinder.

The most frightening aspect of cassia is the fact that it contains at high levels an element known as coumarin which is known to be toxic. Ceylon Cinnamon zeylanicum has 1250 times less coumarin than Cassia and is the safest Cinnamon for consumption.

When choosing cinnamon for your own use, be forewarned that the quills of cassia are next to impossible to grind, the flavor usually being extracted by boiling. Sweet cinnamon quills are much easier to use in any recipe and quite easy to grind for use. Most everyone knows the virtues of uses cinnamon in baking, but there are a great many other uses that are being rediscovered, or invented everyday. Cinnamon Zeylani-cum, also known as True Cinnamon, is native to Sri Lanka and also grows wild on Madagascar's east and northwest coasts. By contrast, the majority of ground cinnamon currently sold in the United States is actually inferior Cinnamomum Cassia. Cassia is cultivated in China and Indonesia from the aromatic bark of the Chinese cinnamon tree (also known as Chinese cassia or the bastard cinnamon tree).

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Sweet cinnamon powder can contain up to 4% oil of cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, and trans-cinnamic acid, however it is usually lighter in oil content and sweeter tasting than Cassia Cinnamon powder. It also contains phenolic compounds, tannins, catechins, calcium, iron, mucilage, resin, natural sugars, and traces of coumarin. Cinnamon powder is antimicrobial and also restrains the growth of fungi and yeast, making it potentially useful for those with allergies. You see, that cinnamon roll may not only taste good, but be good for you, too!

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Real Cinnamon Versus Cassia Cinnamon

Taste: Real or True Cinnamon is sweet and delicate where as Cinnamon Cassia is strong to peppery

Color: Real Cinnamon is a tan color, whereas Cinnamon Cassia is a reddish brown to dark brown.

Look: Cinnamon Cassia bark is thicker because its outer layer isn't stripped off. For that reason, Cassia sticks curl inward from both sides toward the center as they dry. Real Cinnamon sticks curl from one side only and roll up like a newspaper as shown above.

Feel: The surface of Cinnamon Cassia is rough and uneven, whereas Real Ceylon Cinnamon bark is smooth.

Usage: Real Ceylon Cinnamon is perfect in sweet and subtle dishes that require a delicate flavor.

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