Blue Violet Leaf - Organic


The dried blue violet leaf is traditionally used as a tea, and the fresh leaf and flower is traditionally used in salads, soups and other food preparations. Try our new Blue Violet Leaf herbal tincture! Some use internally for bronchitis, cough, and asthma. Externally for mouth and throat infections.

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History: Blue Violet is a tiny, but hardy, member of a large family of perennials. It is a native of the Old World and now commonly distributed throughout the world. This delightful messenger of Spring is cultivated as an ornamental and also grows wild in meadows, thickets, hedges and along roadsides and edges of woods, where its creeping rootstock sends out runners along the ground that take root. This modest, spreading plant creates good ground cover and thrives in rich, well-drained, moisture-retentive soil in sun or partial shade and generally grows to a height of six inches. Since about 500 B.C., Blue Violet Leaves have been used medicinally, and were actually first known in poultices to treat skin cancers, as the physicians of the school of Aesclepios used Violet Leaves to treat topical cancers. Violets were the national flowers of Athens, and ancient Athenians covered their corpses with the beautiful and fragrant blooms. The Greeks also prescribed Violet Leaf to moderate anger, and Violet was also the plant of Venus and Aphrodite and believed to suggest strong emotions. The Romans drank it in a wine, and the first-century Roman scholar, Pliny, recommended it for preventing headaches, dizziness, gout and spleen disorders. The Violet was the favorite flower of Napoleon (sometimes nicknamed Caporal Violette), who died wearing a locket of Violets from Josephine's grave. The famed seventeenth-century herbalist, Nicholas Culpeper, recommended its cleansing qualities, saying that it "doth purge the body of choleric humours," and in herbal medicine, Blue Violet Leaf has traditionally been regarded as a cleansing herb. Violets are used to flavor and color candy and breath fresheners; included on cakes as decorations; in drinks, sweets, syrups, salads and desserts; in cosmetics; and especially in perfumery. Violet is a bitter, aromatic, sweet, mucilaginous and cooling herb, and the whole, beautifully-scented plant is collected during the Springtime and flowering season, dried and used commercially and in herbal medicines. Some of the constituents included in Blue Violet Leaf are saponins, salicylates, alkaloids, glucosides, rutin, quercetin, ferulic acid, flavonoids, essential oil, mucilage, odoratine, irone and ionone (its main aromatic element, which was synthesized in 1893).

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