Ginseng Red Korean Powder - Pure & Unrefined


Ginseng Red Korean Root Powder - Pure & Unrefined


Mix 1-2 teaspoons of our all natural Red Korean Pure Ginseng root powder into your daily health drink or smoothie or take with food for the ultimate rejuvenation. Our Red Korean Ginseng is known throughout the world as the "King" of ginseng. Korean Red Ginseng is considered the best-most effective of all ginseng varieties available. All of our ginseng roots and root powders are stored in our special climate controlled, dehumidified warehouse for only the best in potency, purity and quality.

What Is Ginseng?

Ginseng, also known as Ginnsuu in some regions of Asia, mainly China, is any one of eleven distinct species of slow-growing perennial plants with fleshy roots, belonging to the ''Panax'' genus in the family Araliaceae. The English word ginseng derives from a Chinese term that literally translates as "man root" (referring to the root's characteristic forked shape, resembling the legs of a man).

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What is Red Korean Ginseng?

Red Korean Ginseng is ginseng that has been heat-processed and steamed in a special herbal brew to obtain full potency. Grown organically, Korean Red Ginseng takes six years to mature and contains a high amount of active elements. Ginsenosides found in Korean red ginseng work as natural adaptogens to relieve stress, enhance immunity, and promote health throughout the body.

Where Does Ginseng Grow?

Ginseng grows in the Northern Hemisphere in eastern Asia (mostly northern China, Korea, and eastern Siberia), typically in cooler climates; ''Panax vietnamensis'', discovered in Vietnam, is the southernmost ginseng found.

Benefits of Red Korean Ginseng

- Increases memory
- Support for radiation damage
- Powerful antioxidant
- Promotes better sleep
- Inhibits blood coagulation
- Supports healthy vision and hearing function
- Strengthen nervous system
- Benefits menopausal stages
- Works as general stimulant
- Removes toxins from body
- Slows degeneration of cells
- May Increase longevity

Numerous medical studies recognize the many health benefits of ginsenosides, the active components of ginseng. These studies show ginseng acts on many body systems, helping the body resist stress and the effects of aging.

Korean Red Ginseng contains three times more ginsenosides (24) than any other ginsengs (8 in average), proving that it is the most effective of all ginseng types. All of the above makes Korean Red Ginseng an unparalleled natural source of nutrients for a healthy body and mind.

The producers of our Korean Red Ginseng brand have a commitment to bringing you high quality processed Korean Red Ginseng products. They have accumulated years of experience in manufacturing Korean Ginseng products. They have been awarded several times as outstanding manufacturers and exporters of quality ginseng products. We believe that Korean Red Ginseng can help people live better lives, experiencing the joy of health in body and mind to its fullest.

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Red Korean Ginseng & Your Immune System

Red Korean Ginseng stimulates the immune system and helps protect the body. It boosts the production of white blood cells and antibodies. Recent research has shown that ginseng may help reduce the incidence of colds and flu and may also decrease the length of colds and the severity of symptoms. Other studies found that American ginseng stimulates the production of lymphocytes, cells that play a central role in the immune response, and interleukins, which play a role in the communication between immune system cells.

Red Korean Ginseng & Stress

As an adaptogen, ginseng helps the body cope with the stresses of daily living. It negates the effects of the overproduction of stress hormones, and helps prevent stress-associated disease. It also works directly on the central nervous system to help the mind remain calm and work effectively.

Red Korean Ginseng & Energy Levels

Results of animal and human studies suggest that ginseng can improve physical endurance during prolonged exercise by exerting an effect on the respiratory system and also on energy metabolism.

Red Korean Ginseng & Brain Function

American ginseng has an anti-aging effect on the brain. It improves the way neural messages are transmitted throughout the nervous system, resulting in improved mental processes such as memory, concentration and learning.

Red Korean Ginseng & Heart Function

The antioxidant properties of ginseng help prevent oxidation of low density lipoproteins, which is believed to be involved in atherosclerosis. Ginseng also helps protect heart muscle from damage caused by lack of oxygen, which occurs during heart attacks. The blood clotting abilities of ginseng may help with atherosclerosis.

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