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Comfrey plant origin, Asia and Europe; a perennial growing from a thick, fleshy, brown-skinned root system, that can delve deeply into the sub-soil in search of moisture and minerals. Oblonglanceolate, dark green leaves, 50-120cm long, with long, round-grooved, petiole stems. The whole plant is covered with short hairs that give a rough feel when touched. Flowers form as coiling, terminal racemes in colors of mauve, blue or pink.

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Comfrey Leaf has been known throughout the ages as botanical names Bruisewort, Knitback, Boneset, Slippery Root, Ass Ear, and Blackwort. Most commonly, it is used as an ointment or poultice that is applied to sprains, broken bones, and other wounds where it is said to help in mending and healing. In ancient times, it was also said to be quite potent in aiding spells of protection and blessings for travel. Today, it is still a popular first aid remedy, containing the chemical allantoin which is said to speed up the replacement of body cells. This speeds up the healing of tissue and the closing of wounds, and aids in mending bones just as it has since ancient times. Many herbalists also use it to minimize the opportunity of infection and reduce scarring externally of course. Never use comfrey internally without approval by your doctor.

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