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Why buy your Cranberry powder and other superfoods from Florida Herb House? Well, all of our precious herbs and herb powders are stored in optimal conditions within our climate controlled, light controlled, dehumidified warehouse. This keeps our herbs and superfoods medicinally super strong as well as nutrient dense like no others. Don't settle for cheap and stale herbs when it comes to your health. Buy at Florida Herb House only for the best in natural healing. Our pure organic Cranberry Powder is as medicinally strong and nutrient dense as can be found!

Also known as- Vaccinium macrocarpon, American Cranberry, Bogberry, and Bog Cranberry. The familiar accompaniment to the American Thanksgiving meal. The cranberry plant--called a vine by growers--is a long-lived perennial less than eight inches high with trailing, thin, wiry stems that bear small, opposite, evergreen leaves. Cranberry flowers appear around the Fourth of July; these are white to light pink, downward-pointing, bell-shaped, axillary flowers. The common name cranberry is a modification of the colonial name "crane berry," because the drooping flower looked like the neck and head of the sand crane, which was often seen eating the fruits.

The red, globular cranberry fruit is a true berry, formed from an inferior ovary. It is a fleshy fruit with a soft, parenchymatous, tart pericarp, which encloses four air-filled locules, each containing a few tiny seeds. Wampanoag Indians of Cape Cod and Narragansett Indians of southern Massachusetts picked cranberries each year in the early fall from wild plants in the bogs and marshes, and they called these sassamanesh. Fruits were dried or stored fresh for the winter food supply. Dried cranberries were traded widely and used as a nourishing addition to dried meat and deer fat ("pemmican"). Native Americans also used cranberries to dye fabric, and the tart, unripe fruits made a common poultice and other medicines.

Packed Fresh To Order In Our Flavor Savor Foil Bags! Florida Herb House guarantees the best herbs and spices all year round! It is delicious tasting, all-natural, fully standardized, non-caloric, caffeine and alcohol free. It is a balanced formula with standardized extracts of wild crafted herbs from the mountains of China; these herbs have been carefully selected and processed.

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