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Plant origin, Asia and Europe; a perennial growing from a thick, fleshy, brown-skinned root system, that can delve deeply into the sub-soil in search of moisture and minerals. Oblonglanceolate, dark green leaves, 50-120cm long, with long, round-grooved, petiole stems. The whole plant is covered with short hairs that give a rough feel when touched. Flowers form as coiling, terminal racemes in colors of mauve, blue or pink. The comfrey root is black on the outside, fleshy and cream colored on the inside.

Comfrey Ointment

16 oz/2cups petroleum jelly (like Vaseline)

2 oz. dried root powder or leaf powder

Melt jelly in double boiler, stir in herbs, heat gently for a couple hours (2-3)until herbs become crisp. Strain through cheesecloth or muslin, squeeze to get as much liquid out as possible. Be careful and/or use gloves, the mixture is very hot. Pour while hot into clean storage containers. Best if used within a year. Good for arthritis, broken bones, bruises, inflamed bunions, torn ligaments, etc.

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Comfrey root was especially valued for the slick mucilage that lines the inside of the hollow, woody stem and root. Comfrey root was considered the "guardian of travelers" and was thought to impart safety to those who journey away from home or into foreign lands, specifically bards and minstrels. It was usually tucked away in a bag or suitcase to ensure protection.

Because of concerns that the pyrrolizidine alkaloids sometimes found in comfrey root can damage the liver, products using comfrey root that are meant for ingestion are banned for sale in the U.S., Canada and several other countries. Ointments and oils containing comfrey are still allowed, and are used to promote rapid wound healing, including the healing of broken bones. There is a great deal of preliminary evidence that supports the traditional use of comfrey root as a topical application to speed healing, stop bleeding, prevent infection and relieve pain.

Comfrey root is used to relieve pain from blunt injuries, promote healing of broken bones, sprains and bruises, reduce swelling and edema, and encourage the rapid and healthy regrowth of skin and tissue cells.


Not for internal use. Not to be used while pregnant or nursing.

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