Herbal Fat Burner Fusion Tea - As Seen On Dr. Oz


Buy Herbal Fat Burner Tea Our top selling herbal fat burning tea is now back in stock and ready for your tea pot. The amazing tea is custom blended at our Florida Herb House using our Organic Chickweed, Organic Bilberries and our Luxury White Tea leaves for the ultimate tea for dieting and weight control. All three of these ingredients have been extensively talked about on the Dr. Oz show and have been regarded as the best fat burning herbs ever.

A one pound bag will yield you so many cups! Each teaspoon of this herbal fat burning tea creation weighs about 2.5 grams and there is approximately one dozen teaspoons in each ounce which means one dozen cups of tea per each ounce of this blend. You will get about 190 cups of tea for a one pound purchase, 95 cups of tea in a one half pound bag, 47 cups of tea in a one quarter (4 oz) bag, 24 cups of tea in a one eighth (2 oz) bag and about one dozen cups of tea in a one ounce (28g) bag. We do sell all these sizes right here at our Florida Herb House and this is one of our most demanded custom tea that we offer.

The White Tea, Chickweed & Bilberries work synergistically in all natural healthy ways to reduce fat storage, reduce bloating and help control glucose balancing for a truly supercharged way to drop weight, look better and feel great inside and out!

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