SeaWeed Delight Powder - Organic Harvested


If you are looking for this product in powdered form try our Seaweed Delight Powder that is truly a sensational product for health drinks, recipes, or any special seaweed need. If you wish for the our SeaWeed delight combining our famous seaweed "Flakes" then order this item. All our blended products are made fresh to order!
A truly sensational way to reap the amazing health benefits of our most sought after seaweeds! No need to buy individual bags as we mix the a modest supply of equal parts of our freeze dried Bladderwrack Flakes, Dulse Flakes , Irish Moss Flakes, and Wakame Flakes! One of our most popular seaweed health product! For all those health conscious men and women who desire to add seaweed to their diet but do not desire to buy several bags of our individual seaweeds our SeaWeed Delight combines our top four premium fresh dried seaweed's into a beautiful and ultra healthy blend!

Each one pound bag of our exclusive seaweed mix contains a mix of our freshest dried Bladderwrack Flakes, Dulse Flakes , Irish Moss Flakes, and Wakame Flakes ready to use in your health drink, smoothie, or any food/drink recipe that you desire! These do sell as fast as we make them so order your fresh dried SeaWeed Delight today!

Packed Fresh To Order In Our Flavor Savor Foil Bags! Our Herbs And Seaweeds Are Absolutely The Purest And Freshest Shipped To Your Door! We Buy Direct From The Growers And Store All Our Precious Herbs In Climate/Light Controlled "Waiting Rooms"! Florida Herb House guarantees the best herbs and spices all year round!

Dulse is a red seaweed harvested in the cool waters along Atlantic coast of Canada and also along the shores of Ireland and Norway. Its fronds grow in tidal areas on rocks, shells, and the larger, longer, brown seaweeds.

Dulse Seaweed

Dulse can be eaten raw, roasted, fried, dried, or roasted, or as a thickening agent for soups. It is a superior source of the iodine the body needs to make the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine which are important to healthy weight and metabolic rate.

Bladderwrack is a type of seaweed found on the coasts of the North Sea, the western Baltic Sea, and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. A common food in Japan, it is used as an additive and flavoring in various food products in Europe.

Bladderwrack Seaweed

Bladderwrack is commonly found as a component of kelp tablets or powders. It is sometimes loosely called kelp, but that term technically refers to a different seaweed.

The Irish moss became associated with the Irish potato famine that occurred in the middle of the 19th century, the Irish moss was consumed as a food by thousands of desperate Irish people to ward off starvation. The starving population took to eating the bushy curly red, purple, or yellow-green seaweed known as Irish moss - botanical name Chondrus crispus.

Irish Moss Seaweed

The general population of Ireland was simply following the example of many generations of the hungry poor folk in Ireland and other natives of places along the North Atlantic coastline in eating the seaweed as food. Consuming the seaweed as food has been a historical fact for the natives of lands along the north Atlantic coastline, whenever hard times of food scarcity have come upon the land.

Wakame is a seaweed that looks and tastes like a slippery spinach. Wakame can be used in the same ways as kombu in soup and as an addition to green or fruit salads. When dried wakame is soaked in water it expands to at least 10 times its dried size.

Wakame Seaweed

Seaweed is one of the greatest health secrets - a true super food. This may seem surprising - that such a humble and common class of plants could offer us very much in terms of health. But seaweed health benefits have been known for a long time - and modern science is revealing more and more about this super-food. The fact is seaweed is packed full of much-needed vitamins and minerals, including some relatively rare trace elements.

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