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Also known as Angelica sinensis, Dong Gui, Chinese Angelica, and Dan Gui. Dong quai is a plant in the same family as celery, parsley, and carrots. Its long, large, most, oily and fragrant root has a yellow-brown bark and a yellow-white cross section. Greenish roots should not be used.

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Avoid when there is diarrhea with flatulence. Not to be used while pregnant or if you are on blood thinning medications.

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Making a smoothie: Mix the herbal powders up in a blender with rice/almond/soya/nut milk or fruit juice/ fruit smoothies.

Make this for breakfast every morning and every evening if you wish and notice your energy levels really start to pick up. Use about 1/2 pint of liquid per smoothie.

We like to always have a supermarket bought smoothie such as Innocent smoothies in the fridge to mix up our herbal powders with in the blender. With a bit more time its also delicious to blend up soft fruits. However we also love rice milk, herbal powders/superfoods and a banana.


1 teaspoon Wheatgrass powder

1 teaspoon Spirulina powder

1 teaspoon Maca powder

1/2 teaspoon Dong quai powder

1/2 teaspoon fenugreek seed powder

( take every morning and evening but not whilst bleeding)

Whether you are a man or a woman, here's what you need to know about dong quai and to improve your health now:

Balances estrogen levels. Dong quai is the premier "gynecological regulator." It has the ability to reduce your estrogen levels if they are too high and can increase them if they are too low.

Excellent blood tonic. Master herbalist, Ron Teeguarden, attributes the blood toning and nourishing effects of dong quai to its amazing vitamin and mineral content. Dong quai contains vitamin B 12, folic acid, folinic acid, nicotinic acid, and biotin.

Great for iron deficiency. The cobalt in dong quai is thought to increase the hemoglobin content of your blood.

Boosts male fertility. Ferulic acid, an antioxidant found in dong quai, has been shown to improve sperm quality.

Dong quai is an antispasmodic that eases cramps and other symptoms of PMS. It dilates your blood vessels to increase flow during your monthly cleansing and helps replenish blood after your period has ended.

Women who stop taking birth control pills may also find dong quai useful to encourage a regular cycle.

Helps you feel happier! Dong quai could be useful to help you combat stress and reduce the severity of mood swings. It has a calming effect on your nervous system and promotes relaxation.

Keeps you beautiful and youthful. Chinese women are known for their age-defying youthfulness, and dong quai may be a big part of it.

Ron Teeguarden notes that Dong Quai increases circulation, improves your complexion, and aids detoxification to clear blemishes.

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